Firehawk, intelligent forest fire

Firehawk is the very first computer assisted forest fire detection system and was established in 1994. Today, this forest fire detection system utilizes state of the art equipment and the lastest technology coupled with an Artificial Intelligence (AI), while remaining affordable and easy to use.

Firehawk forest fire detection

Wildland and forest fires are one of the greatest worldwide threats to the urban and forest interfaces. Using technology for the early, effective and accurate detection of forest fires is vital for an efficient fire control regime. The main contributing factor to the thousands of hectares that are lost to fire each year can be attributed to the late detection of forest fires. Firehawk, implemented by Working on Fire Latin America, is an effective technology-based early detection solution.

The Firehawk Forest Fire Detection System and the network that supports the operational functions are 100% powered by clean and independant energy sources. This allows the system to be installed in remote areas and will continue to operate without energy related concerns.

Artificial intelligence

Scanning its environment every couple of minutes, this semi-automated forest fire detection system analyzes and processes 360º of terrain with a detection engine driven by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm.

The Aritficial Intelligence is in a constant learning phase, updating and honing its skills in an ever-changing environment.

Detecting 24/7

The Firehawk Forest Fire Detection System operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The system multiplies the efficiency and productivity of an operator by up to 10 times compared to traditional detection options. Operators perform their tasks in safer and more comfortable working conditions, which in turn improves detection results and operational availability.

Continues access

Firehawk's intuitive web interface provides continuous access to near real-time information on all platforms, desktops and mobile devices.

The platform has comprehensive user management with different authorization levels to improve the productivity and management of internal users.

Through automatic push updates and notifications , you can access records, reports, visual tools and meteorological data to aid in decision making.

Sustainable solutions

The Firehawk system is ideal for operating and detecting forest fires in remote areas of operations.

Each forest fire detection site acts as a source of clean energy, sustainable and independent. The power nodes are integrated into an autonomous power management system to ensure continued optimized operability.

Timely detections translate into minimal losses, restricted CO₂ release and an effective course of action against climate change.

Scalable solution

The Firehawk forest fire detection system is a highly scalable solution. As the need for more detection increases, the system will integrate all the additions to provide a seamless expansion experience.

The user experience of operating the system, network stability and management of power remains unchanged, whether it's a small or expanded system.

Years of operating and maintaining systems of various sizes have made Firehawk a robust and easy-to-use sensing solution.

Multi-source information

The flexibility of the system permits the incorporation of external data sources.

Driving public collaboration through the integration of crowdsourced mobile detection applications and other third party sources further betters the information flow.

Integration with third-party incident management software is an ongoing process to ensure integration with current customer applications and requirements.

Operational availability

An integrated part of the forest fire detection service that Firehawk provides, is our monitoring and maintenance teams that provide preventive and reactive maintenance.

All aspects of the system are constantly monitored remotely to guarantee optimal operability and preventive failure detection.

Online support personnel and highly trained crews operating in the field, provide a quick response and solutions to maintain this critical service operational 24/7.


This unique forest fire detection system is driven by innovative thinking and the requirements and growth of our customers.

Our continuous incorporation of new ideas, technology and the latest generation equipment is part of the development culture that is vital for sustainable evolution.

The limits of innovation are constantly pushed by the development team that is on a never-ending quest to create a highly effective product.